Vortex Massage Foam Roller - Massage Foam Roller Revolution

Vortex Massage Roller Started a Massage Roller Revolution. Made of sturdy stuff to withstand the pounding of daily use. Don't be fooled by inferior rollers ...


Phoenix, AZ — JCFitness has announced their new design for the muscle massage foam roller a lot everyday athletes can rely on to boost circulation and help eliminate lactic acid buildup in their muscles.

While there are many alternatives for self massage available, JCFitness has conducted extensive research and found that the Vortex Massage Roller is much more efficient than most all of the other options out there.  Most foam rollers are head and shoulders … ( pun intended ) better than any “stick massage roller” for the simple reason that a pliable stick, loses it’s stiffness over time, and that hinders the athlete from being able to use the pressure properly to reach the deep tissue kinks that most are trying to relieve.

Another reason that the Vortex Massage Roller is better, is that it uses your own body weight to really get deep, which allows for a longer session with out the tiring effect of continually using your hands to reach those muscle groups.

JCFitness is confident that it has produced a massage foam roller that is the most effective, and due to the continuous over-site and quality checks they have put into place, it allows them to say their Vortex Massage Roller is the best option on the market !  This product will help athletes substantially improve their strength while reducing the time it takes muscles to recover.

In addition, the Vortex Massage Roller is of a high quality design.  The exclusive pattern on the Vortex Massage Roller is specifically designed to kneed the muscles in such a way as to ‘sweep’ away the lactic acids that builds up in those muscles.  This allows the roller to clear up discomfort, stiffness, and muscle kinks more effectively than all other various rollers on the market.

One of the huge advantages of this foam roller is the fact that it is made of a more durable outer casing unlike most other rollers that are made of EVA foam. One of the reasons that JCFitness pursued this type of roller is that they wanted to make sure that their roller was durable, after seeing ‘regular’ foam rollers with duct tape on them, holding them together.

The Vortex Massage Roller is specifically designed for anyone that has been active and felt the after effects in their major muscle groups.  Not just for athletes of any type, but for anyone that has sore or stiff muscles after any activity.

JC Blake, President and CEO Of JCFitness stated … “After looking at the market for foam rollers, we just felt that there was room for a roller that was different and of a higher quality.  We had started to look into the rollers that were out there and found that almost all of them were made of EVA Foam.  It became clear that EVA Foam was just not durable enough and we felt that by adding a contoured, textured roller we would be providing something that the marketplace would be looking for.”


JCFitness is currently offering the Vortex Massage Roller
through Amazon.com .


About JCFitness

JCFitness, a division of atmsaz LLC specializes in looking at a market and upgrading and providing innovative products that are of better quality and getting them manufactured at a price point that is unrivaled while providing a superior and enhanced new design.

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